StudyProf FlashCards 3.0 Blog Sat, 19 Dec 2009 16:31:55 GMT Take Screenshots with StudyProf The latest version of StudyProf 3.0 (version available here) features a brand new screenshot tool that lets you easily create and embed pictures of your screen into your flashcards.

Besides, Version offers a new setting to define a default base font for all flashcards (available via Program Settings > Desk through the Tools Ribbon) as well as fixes for several minor bugs and errors.

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CHRISTMAS SALE: STUDYPROF 30% OFF We are happy to announce that we’re offering StudyProf FlashCards 3.0 at 30% off its cover price during Christmas Sale. Any purchase from December 4, 2009 to December 31, 2009 will be eligible to the discount. Please go to the order page to get your copy now…

The discount is now included in the price mentioned on the order page.

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StudyProf now features a template engine The latest version of StudyProf FlashCards (version now includes a template manager, which allows you to create templates and use these to create new flashcards.

Templates are the tools of choice when it comes to giving your flashcards a unique yet uniform look. Create a flashcard using formatted text, embedded tables and media and then click the arrow next to the Save button (ribbon Edit). This will open a context menu, where you can choose Save as Template… to save the current card as a template.

When creating new cards, simply click the arrow next to the New Card button and select the template you want to create a new card from. Alternatively, select Manage Templates… to manage all your templates and specify a default template.

Please download the latest version from the Download page.

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StudyProf more features, less bugs The latest version of StudyProf FlashCards is available for download. This update fixes important bugs and extends StudyProf with some essential features.

What’s fixed?

StudyProf fixes the following issues, among others:

*Clicking “New” from the context menu in the schedule module wouldn’t open the edit pane for creating and editing schedule items. This has been fixed and the panel opens correctly now.

  • If a card was reviewed succesfully (“pass”) in study mode, it wouldn’t, under certain circumstances, be passed on into the next folder even if due. This has been fixed. Please note that cards are only passed on into the next folder if they had already been due at time of review!
  • The application launch has been improved. StudyProf launches faster and more smoothly now.
  • The navigation buttons on the desk displayed partly erratic behavior. This has been fixed and the buttons work as expected.

What’s new?

Some of the new features are: *The user can now configure the study session to include only cards from the first folder. The new setting is called “Only new and unfamilar flashcards.”

  • Flashcards can now be flagged using the new flag button on the desk.
  • StudyProf 3.0 can now import and convert StudyProf 1.0 and 2.0 data files. However, formatting and media references may be lost during the process.

Please download the latest version from the download page or through the update function on the Tools ribbon.

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First Update: StudyProf Based on the most frequently reported bugs and requested features, StudyProf is now available as version This update fixes some minor bugs, among others:

  • The “help” button on the Setup Assistant form erratically showed up in the middle of the setup process, which caused some users to press it by mistake causing a fatal program termination. This issue has now been fixed and the help button appears as expected.
  • Some users reported problems when saving dates in their flashcards using their local regional settings and then reloading the file under different settings. All dates have now been checked and should work as expected.

Additionally, StudyProf offers some new features:

  • The Database context menu now shows a command “Set Card Folder” to explicitly set the card folder of the cards selected. Also, you can now reset all study stats using this command.
  • The StudyProf Study Session now allows to select a new node “All new and unfamiliar cards” to study only new and unfamiliar cards (i.e. cards within the first card folder).
  • The font settings on the Desk now allow supercript and subscript of text. This has been a feature requested especially for scientific subjects.

Please use the update tool on the Tools ribbon to update your version of StudyProf. Alternatively, you can download and install the setup package from the Download Site

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StudyProf 3.0 now available for public download! Six months of hard work past and the first beta version of StudyProf FlashCards 3.0 is finally available to the public (Download).

Though a lot of effort has been put into this beta, there are still minor improvements to be done. The help file is not shipped with the download yet but will be included in one of the next releases.

Please note that this is an early beta version, which despite its stability might run into errors and display erratic behavior. Please notify me of any unwanted results so that I can fix the issues. Do not forget to create regular backups of your database.

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